What is Muka ?

I'm a student who makes Minecraft mods and web apps, and is quite capricious and likes to make things. The game plays Minecraft etc., and the programming mainly uses PHP, Java, JavaScript. Not only coding but also art designing. ()


It is a thing I made. Making things is my pleasure and one of my life. I have a passion for each of the things I have made, and I want to nurture them carefully in the future.


This is a brief career of my internet activities. I have been active on the internet since around 2016. Real myself information is top secret, so I never don't publish it.

  • Mid 2015 I was into Minecraft and played all the time.
  • Mid 2015 I knew Minecraft Mod and tried to make Mod.
  • Mid 2016 I started activities as Minecraft mods creator "Muka2533".
  • December 2016 I release of "Muka2533's Page", the predecessor of "Muka Note".
  • March 2017 I renamed "Muka2533's Page" to "Muka Note".
  • October 2017 I released the first edition of Minecraft mod "AsphaltMod" on Muka Note.
  • June 2018 I started development of an online word book service "Ankilot".
  • September 2018 I released an online word book service "Ankilot".
  • March 2019 I released a service "Heisei My News" that people can share their momories in Heisei period.
  • October 2019 I published this site, which is a portfolio site about myself.


Please feel free to contact me if you have anything about me. We will review all of your inquiries and will respond if you need a reply.